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Ayurveda Dinacharya, Rules to Lead a Healthy and Happy Life

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Ayurveda, the science of life gives elaborate guidelines to ensure a healthy and happy life. Life according to Ayurvedic terms and directions will be healthy, happy and pleasant.

Here are a few tips to lead a healthy and happy life.

Dinacharya – healthy days

Dinam means a day and charya means practice or routine. Ayurvedic dinacharya is complete with directions for a healthy daily routine. Ayurvedic dinacharya includes a set of daily practices. It includes waking up before sunrise, bathing and taking food at set times, the levels of physical exertion, the kind of people to mingle with, the kind of thoughts, words and action, etc.

Ayurvedic dinacharya doesn’t allow one to use one’s physique beyond its endurance levels. It is also required that a person must mingle with people of high qualities like love, compassion, truthfulness and reliability. Thoughts and actions must be pure and shall not bring harm or loss to others.

Food – Ayurvedic healthy food

Our stomach is not a waste box to deposit junk food. One should take only healthy food items that bring health to heart and body.

Vegetarian food is recommended by Ayurveda as the best food.

One shall eat only when he or she feels hungry. Snacks between meals, eating for pleasure etc are practices that upset normal digestive functions. It takes about 20 hours to completely digest the food we eat. We shall allow enough time for the stomach to completely digest the food before we eat the next meal. It is not normally possible in today’s world. Make sure you take only as much food as your body requires.


Alcohol consumption is not completely banned in Ayurveda. If you take ‘alcohol as a medicine, it will act as a medicine’. When taken in excess amounts it will upset your body and mind in different ways. Very moderate amount is actually good for digestion (especially of non-vegetarian food).

Sleep habits

Everyone must have a look at his or her sleep habits. Do you go to bed late in the night and sleep till noon? It is very unhealthy. Remember the nursery rhyme ‘early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’. Ayurveda has been telling exactly the same thing for about 4000 years now.

One must wake up in the morning with the sun. Students must wake up before sunrise. Take bath before sunrise and do some meditation or suryanamaskar to give the day the perfect start it deserves.

About daily thoughts, words and actions

Be careful about your thoughts, words and action. If you let your thoughts go uncontrolled, it can take you to bad words and bad actions. This will in turn affect your mind and your mind will be filled with negative energies like hatred, jealousy etc. Staying positive in your thoughts, words and action gives your mind a pleasant experience. Daily good deeds will make your heart dwell in joy. It is not accepting, but giving. Do something good to others on a daily basis without ever expecting anything in return.

Mingling with people

Choose the people you mingle with. If you mingle with a group of people dispelling negative emotions, your mind will quickly become troubled. If you deal with people who are of high caliber and see life on a positive life, your mind too will stay on a positive note. The psychological energy that interacts is not quickly identified, but has its effect on your mind and your happiness.

Keeping good relationships with god

The life of an average person from Kerala would start with a bath in a temple pond and darshan at the nearby temple. It is early in the morning and is the perfect start for the day. Evening start with lighting a wick before their deity and reciting Ramayana or divine words.

This is indeed a good practice to keep oneself mentally healthy and happy.

Ayurveda principles thus are not just about diagnosing people or making prescriptions. Ayurveda is all about leading a healthy life in all fronts. Ayurveda addresses a person on an emotional level, mental level, physical level and divine metaphysical level.

How to Prepare For A Healthy Day The Night Before

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Changing daily living habits on a consistent basis is likely the most difficult part of the entire weight loss process. If you’ve already started on this trek to drop that excess weight and get in shape, you may have found some aspects of this journey a bit more difficult that others.

Everyone is different so what’s easy for you to do may cause extreme issues for someone else. However for the most part the two most important items of business you need to take care of on a regular basis is your daily nutrition and your exercise regiment.

Therefore here’s what you can do to help prepare for a healthy day the night before. You’ll find that when you take care of most of this preparation before you go to sleep, you will be much more inspired to stick with your intended plan the following day. And that’s what counts the most.

Once you develop this healthy habit and stick with it consistently, planning out your healthy day the night before will become your ritual and those pounds will really start falling off your body.

Since nutrition is the absolute key for weight loss success, if there is one thing you prepare before you go to sleep is what you’ll eat the following day. Don’t stop at merely what you’ll have for breakfast since that meal is likely about 1/4 of what you will be consuming for the day.

Take a moment to prepare two pre-portioned snacks along with a sensible lunch. Think easy and nutritious. For snacks, fruits like bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, and peaches need nothing more than maybe a quick rinse and they’re ready to do. Or how about some yogurt or raisins with almonds? Tie any of these snacks with a 20oz. bottle of water and you have a great low-calorie, nutritious snack that will tide you over to your next meal.

When it comes to your meals, portion size is king. The portion you should eat for a meal will vary depending on your age, gender, and activity level, but generally a fist-sized amount on a small plate give or take a bit should be fine. At meals, don’t eat to the point of being stuffed. You’ve eaten far too much if you have that feeling afterwards. Develop the habit of drinking one or two large glasses of water throughout your meal and slow down your eating and you’ll find that you will get full on less food than you’re likely used to.

It can help to buy some plastic travel containers that are size appropriate for your meals. The next time you are at the market or your local dollar store, take a look at the variety of containers they have for sale and pick some up to add to your current inventory. These travel containers can really make the difference between sticking with healthy nutrition when away from home. You don’t want to abandon your intentions and resort to getting a meal from a fast food spot since that likely won’t lead to weight loss success.

Once you have a good handle on your nutrition for the following day, don’t forget to try and plan a time when you will get some exercise. A great idea is to exercise in the morning right after you wake up. Get it out of the way and not only will you rev up your metabolism early in the morning, but you will be much more inspired to stick with your healthy day, particularly your healthy eating plan since you already have a great workout under your belt.

To help ensure you workout in the morning, set all your exercise clothes and tennis shoes out on your dresser the night before. Set the alarm clock for an hour (or 45 minutes) before you usually get up and be sure to go to sleep a bit earlier. Watching television until well past midnight is not going to help you lose weight at all, getting up early and exercising will, plain and simple.

Give it a try one week and see if this really helps you stay focused on having a healthy day. Remember, if you have failed in the past trying to achieve your weight loss goals, you owe it to yourself to try something new. When you focus on your nutrition and exercise plan the night before, you will be much more inclined to stick with it and hopefully you finish the day proud of your accomplishment and will repeat the following day.

A Nutritious Breakfast Makes For A Healthy Day

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As another busy year starts it may be time for me to give breakfast a wake-up call. I do believe breakfast is no doubt an important meal for both children and adults. Research shows that children who eat breakfast do better in their studies at school. They have a longer attention span, can concentrate longer and can be more creative and energetic. Starting your day with breakfast is a smart thing to do.
By beginning the mornings with breakfast you are creating a positive role model for your kids. A health and nutritious breakfast would usually include three or more items from these food groups: grains, fruit and veggies, milk products, and meat/ alternatives. When I was growing up the breakfast my mom would serve me would include cereal, eggs, toast, waffles, bagels, milk or juice. These are great items, but not so easy to have on hand on the busy mornings that today’s modern family eat and run mornings.

Breakfast does not have to be elaborate or time consuming. Busy families are looking for nutritious, whole foods to fill the gaps in their diet. One would say superfoods are what most busy families are looking for. Superfoods are foods that are low in calories and despite their low calorie content they are rich in nutrition. Eating superfoods for breakfast will allow beginning your day with a diet rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant compounds.

Everybody should be eating blueberries because they are a great source of antioxidants and a good source of dietary fibre. They provide some iron and vitamin C, and are best known because they have more antioxidants than any other food and they taste great! Eating blueberries can be as quick and easy as adding a handful, while splashing some milk over cereal. Adding blueberries to breakfast will increase the superfood health benefits. The key is to rely on a mix of fresh ingredients and healthy convenient foods. Choose the ones that have the fewest ingredients. Time invested in breakfast is more valuable than a few minutes of extra sleep you might get from skipping breakfast.

A way of knowing that you and your family are getting everything they need to feel the gaps in their diets especially when you are eating on the run.

In an ideal world we would make every meal from scratch, using items we have grown in our gardens. The key is to rely on a mix of fresh ingredients and healthy convenience foods. But how do we find the good stuff, when so many packaged foods are high in fat, salt and preservatives? A good guide choose is to reach for the ones that have the fewest ingredients


Seven Steps to Healthy Habits, Healthy Weight

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You know what you need to do.

Healthy food choices, healthy exercise, self-management…sure, you know what to do. You’ve been thinking about it for a long time. But actually doing it, day after day? That’s daunting. You may have already tried, and feel like nothing happened. Or you may make new resolutions every night, and fail every day.

You CAN make meaningful changes. You can build healthy habits. You can live more satisfied with your choices than you have ever been before.

So, no giving up! Here are seven things that will get you where you want to go; seven steps to the healthy habits that lead to success.

1. Get confidant. Small do-able steps in the right direction allow you to succeed. Begin every change with a plan you feel 80% confident you can successfully do. Big steps that you can’t actually take leave you stuck and hopeless. Walk a path that works for you, and be proud of your progress!

2. Get safe. Get rid of the sweets still hovering there on the counter; throw away the savory treats lurking in the refrigerator. Be ruthless. Those special foods do have a purpose-they are a gift of celebration to be shared with those you love. But they are not healthy nourishment for every day. Get rid of them.

3. Get stocked. Buy some really cool healthy stuff to eat. Check out the health food store, or the organic section of the grocery store-and get creative. You can’t simply eat less of the same old thing-it will not work unless you’re actually in lock up, and even then you’ll be miserable. You must eat MORE-more of the healthy new foods. Yes, I know it costs more to eat healthy. Your life is worth supporting. Buy the good stuff.

4. Get moving. Start your exercise with something you can do, but be sure it’s challenging enough that you’ll actually see results. The gym may not seem possible-yet-but a new exercise video may be just the place to start. And if you’ve been down this road before, and know you need more, why not try a personal trainer? I know you’re not Oprah-but hey, with just a few months investment, you could make some real changes!

5. Get the picture. Harness the power of guided imagery. Start each day with five minutes of future-casting. Sit, breathe, and visualize your healthy day, in all its temptation-filled detail. See yourself making the right choices, turning away from the negative choices you know will still be there, turning to new foods and new behaviors like walking and exercising. Let it happen first in your mind. You will be amazed at the support you will discover when the actual choice time comes-and that support can make all the difference.

6. Get specific. If you can’t clearly see each healthy choice, all day long and into the night, then those healthy choices can’t happen. You can’t do what you don’t know. So get specific. Get information. Join a support group on-line or in person. You can’t make hazy choices. You need the healthy option to shine clearly in each moment of decision. And you may discover that some of those “salads” are over 1000 calories! Get the real info you need to see the results you want.

7. Get on it. We don’t live forever, here in this body. Your life has a purpose; your time here has meaning. You can’t live your adventure richly and fully when you’re bogged down in unhealthy choices, struggling with an unhealthy body.

You are a beloved child of God. Respect that truth. Live a healthy, joyful life!